Braid Bread

three-braid whole-wheat, my first-ever hand-made bread

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Small image of braided bread

I would call this a challah, because it sorta looks like one, but it isn’t really, as I didn’t use eggs in it. I didn’t even use a recipe—it’s just regular whole-wheat bread (one-third whole wheat and two-thirds Better for Bread,) honey, yeast, and water; lightly topped with olive oil, garlic powder, and oregano.

The bread came out a little flatter than I expected, but this is all about getting to know your dough. I learned that dough tend to go slack as it sits, and it takes skill and timing to make a tall bread without some kind of bread pan or mold to hold it into some shape. I later learned that the bread artisans let their dough rise in a brotform then dump it onto a very hot baking stone (or La Cloche Baker) to make it “set” before it can fall.

Still—it tasted great!

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