basic sourdough bread, in a ½ steam table pan…


  1. A long, slow proofing (overnight) makes the crumb nice and coarse. Probably increased the sour, too.
  2. A ½ steam table pan is way too big (12x10 inches), unless you’re gonna make a giant 4 pound bread.
  3. Pan spray doesn’t keep it from sticking. Oil and flour the pan well.
  4. My oven is very uneven. Remember to turn the pan 3-4 times.
  5. I need to order some proper bake-ware. Am looking at a couple of 12 Inch Nonstick Bread Pans.

So there you have it! My first sourdough. Please stay tuned for more bread baking adventures in the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by! —kv5r

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