hybrid bread: start in the bread machine, finish by hand

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View of oven interior.
You can see why the first bread over-cooked on the bottom: the rack is too close to the burner plate.

Oven with inverted rack and cookie sheet underneath.
The top rack rail is too high, so I just turned the rack over, and put a cookie sheet on the
burner plate with a cup of water in it. I added another cup, twice, during baking.

Hitachi bread machine and dough.
There’s the machine, and the dough starting its rise.

Risen dough in pan.
It almost ran over the pan…

Top of baked round bread, with stem thermometer inserted, reading 183.
After baking, the top is very nice, but the thermometer is 12 degrees low (should be 195)…

Bottom of bread, under-cooked.
Turning it out reveals an undercooked bottom…

Bread on oven rack.
So back in the oven it goes, right on the rack, for a few minutes.

Bottom of bread, now lightly toasted.
That’s more like it! Lightly toasted bottom crust.

Bread with a slice cut out, laying across the two halves, showing a thin, light crust and normal crumb texture.
Crust and crumb couldn’t be better—that’s just what I wanted!

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