Sourdough French Bread

sourdough bread in a perforated french mold

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I ordered and received a sixteen-inch, two-loaf, perforated French bread pan. It’s an inexpensive model, about $14, made of non-stick coated aluminum, and quite easy to bend. I decided it was time to make a couple of proper sourdough breads, eat one and give the other away.

I studied up on baker’s percentages and weighed my ingredients this time. I don’t know what I miscalculated, but the water was far too much and I had to add a good bit of flour to get the dough to the right moisture level. The recipe below is about what I think I ended up with, so son’t expect it be perfect without some adjustment.

Note: “Poolish” is the term for sourdough starter when it is 1:1 (by weight) of flour and water. A poolish starter will pour like a thick batter. Keeping the starter fed at 1:1 makes it fairly easy to mix and pour, but it also makes it easy to know the moisture content that the starter is adding to the recipe. For example, a cup of poolish is gonna add ½ cup of water, which must be subtracted from yeast recipes started with poolish.

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