sourdough bread in a perforated french mold

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4 metal cans that look like wood; 1 french bread mold.
I needed some canisters but, being cheap, I just made labels for some #10 cans instead.
Standing atop them is the 16-inch perforated French bread pan.

Flour in bowl on scale.
I weighed some flour (not enough)…

Pouring poolish sourdough starter into bowl on scale.
and some poolish…

Adding water to bowl on scale.
and some water (too much).

Three pound ball of dough in large mixing bowl, covered.
Then mixed, kneaded, and put it back in the bowl to rise.
Not shown: during the mixing and kneading I had to add about a cup more flour.

The ball of dough is now much larger.
Here it is afer 12 hours.

Dough divided in two parts.
Divide it…

Dough formed into two logs.
Form it…

Dough logs in the French bread mold.
Get it in the mold…

Dough is now larger, filling the mold.
Let it rise again (’til it nearly runs over the mold)…

Baked bread with a crispy golden top.
Bake it…

One bread broken in half, showing insides.
Break it…

Chunks of bread dipped in some picante salsa.
Eat it with salsa! Or heat a saucer of olive oil and oregano! Yum!

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