Whole Wheat Challahs

two whole-wheat challahs made in 12-inch loaf pans

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Meanwhile, I made several breads that were not entirely successful, so I skipped the articles. Tonight, however, I went back to what works well, and made two big challahs (braided bread) with one-third whole-wheat, honey, almonds, egg, butter, and topped with egg wash and poppy seeds. These were once-risen in two 12-inch Norpro bread pans.

This will be a 750 gram (6 cup) batch to make two loaves. As it turned out, it should have been a little more (maybe 825) because the big loaf pans didn’t quite fill after two hours of rising. I used the baker’s percentage of 65% for the liquids, as I find that usually makes perfect dough without additions of flour or water.

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