two whole wheat challahs made in 12-inch loaf pans

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  1. I always seem to have trouble with braided breads rising unevenly. The tops would have been prettier (more bulbous) if I had used more dough in these large pans.
  2. The crumb came out smooth, like store-bought bread. I was expecting a coarser texture since this was a single-rise batch. It proves that the traditional punch-down and second rise isn’t always necessary.
  3. The crust was perfect—thin and soft, and a bit crispy on top.
  4. The taste and texture is excellent, but just a bit too sweet. I’ll cut back to 3 Tbsp honey next time.
  5. I can’t tell if the 1 egg in the dough made any difference. Maybe just added cholesterol?
  6. The new 12-inch non-stick Norpro pans worked well.
  7. Weighing the flour and liquids, using flour weight × .65 for the liquids, worked so well (this time) that I didn’t need any extra water or dusting flour. Made for a very clean batch!
  8. Usually, put the egg wash and topping on after the rise. I decided to put them on beforehand, because (1) I could coat more of the dough than just the top, and (2) I didn’t disturb the dough after the rise. For a long-rise bread (like sourdough or no-knead), that would be a bad idea, as the raw egg might spoil before baking.

So there you have it! Two big whole-wheat Challahs! Please stay tuned for more bread baking adventures in the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by! —kv5r

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