two whole wheat challahs made in 12-inch loaf pans

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Weigh egg, honey, and water,

Add yeast and mix well. Meanwhile,

Grind some nuts,

Weight the flours,

Add salt and mix dry ingredients well.

Melt some margarine,

Mix all.

When it gets too stiff to mix, use fists and save wrists!
Let it rest for 10 minutes. Meanwhile,

Use a plastic bowl scraper for cleaning up—never use a sponge or wash rag for dough!

Knead for 10 minutes. If it tears when stretched, knead some more.

Make a rectangle. Notice that the weighed baker’s percentage of 65% for the liquids
worked out perfectly—there’s not a speck of dusting flour needed on the table!

Cut into 6 pieces. Make the two outer ones wider because they are shorter and thinner.

Hand-roll them into six ropes. Now you can make baguettes or braid challahs.

Take three and pinch ends together.

Braid. Use a wide angle for a short pitch. Be careful to not stretch the dough while braiding.

Pinch the other end.

Adjust the length to fit the pan.

Tuck ends and put in loaf pan.

Make egg wash (1 egg, 1 Tbsp water).

Keep brushing it on the loaves until all is used.

Sprinkle on desired topping.

Cover loosely and…

Rise in a warm place (95°F works well).

After the rise, spray with butter-flavored spray, if desired.

Bake and cool.

Cut and inspect.

Serve and enjoy!
The tea, by the way, is Earl Grey, hot…

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