Whole Wheat French Bread

Two whole wheat sweetbread loaves made in a French bread mold.

© 2011 by KV5R — Rev. Feb. 27, 2011.

This one is my attempt to make my favorite bread (whole-wheat with honey and almonds) to have a more artisan-style shape, crust, and crumb. It was almost entirely successful.

As stated in the previous article, I went back to using cup measures instead of weights. I didn’t make any notes this time, so the recipe below is from memory. Adjust as needed.

Note that later I went back to measuring by weight. I discovered that the pros are right—if you want to make consistently good bread, you have to weigh things! When the weight of your liquid ingredients is 63% of the weight of your flour, it’ll almost always be just right. The exact ratio will depend on your flour, but will be between about 61 and 65 percent water by weight.

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