two whole wheat loaves made in a french bread mold

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  1. Using a good bit of honey and rapid-rise yeast really made it puff up!
  2. Keeping the second knead handling to a minimum make for a coarser crumb. Maybe next time I’ll try doing the first rise in the mold, eliminating the punch-down and second rise. (Don’t do it! The wet dough weeps through the holes, making it severely stick!)
  3. The crust was perfect, though a bit over-toasted, which just added to the flavors.
  4. The perforated mold works well, but is difficult to handle when hot, as in turning.

So there you have it! Whole wheat French loaves, with honey and almonds! Please stay tuned for more bread baking adventures in the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by! —kv5r

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