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This site is running WordPress (and some other stuff), via Ubuntu and Nginx, on an unmanaged VPS in a big datacenter. I used to hand-code all my sites in asp/vbscript on shared hosting servers, but I wanted to get into Linux server administration, PHP, and WordPress. Needless to say, learning to install and configure an Internet-facing server is quite a challenge. After about eight months, I finally have it stable enough to get back to some writing!

May 2013 Update— email server was broke for a while, so I didn’t get registration notifications. Meanwhile, about 50 spam-bots registered. All have now been deleted, and I’ve installed aggressive anti-spam features. If you registered before (and you were not a spam-bot) you will need to re-register before you can post comments.

Then, the VPS went down for four days, cancelled my .tk URL, and googlebot freaked out, since the site was down. When it came back up, I spent another 30 or so hours cleaning up the server and getting the articles cleaned up and getting a new sitemap built. I’d rather be writing new articles!

April 2013 Update— KV5R.COM URL is now pointed here, and the private server is officially online as the main site. Old .asp URLs are redirected by the hundreds. Please update your links!

December 2012 Update— Most of the content (from has been installed in this WordPress blog. Some pages still need some editing. Also, installed a tree-type menu system that expands and collapses based on the page you are viewing. This keeps the menu (200+ pages) from going on forever.

The Ubuntu server is pretty stable, with Nginx, PHP-FPM, memcache, MySql, PostFix, Dovecot, RoundCube, Pure-FTP, and Bind9 all performing nominally. ISPConfig3 is working, though a little buggy. has been ripped out, I just couldn't make it work right.

September 2012 Update— I am was testing WordPress on a Windows server (2008R2), to see if it can be de-bugged enough to run as a regular site. The database abstraction plugin was working for regular day-to-day admin and display, but things like update and repair were not working. And the IIS server's implementation of PHP was blocking WP's incoming and outgoing features (no rss, akismet, etc.).

But now I’ve given up on that, and this site is now being built on a private server! As if setting up WordPress and writing articles isn’t enough, now I’m also building a web hosting server from scratch… There’s so much to learn! But it’s coming along; a few more thirty-hour days should get it whipped into shape.

If it all works, the ultimate purpose of this blog will be to keep my readers up to date on what's happening, and allow comments on my many popular web articles, which I hope to move from shared hosting to this new server. We'll see how that li'l plan goes…

If you'd like to comment on one or more of my articles, look for the corresponding blog entry — once I get them made! But please be patient, because this blog is brand-new and it'll take a while to get it all working and polished, and that’s after I get this whole web server admin thing under control.

You will need to have a user account to post comments and replies, and all will be moderated (for spam control), at least for now.

Stay Tuned!

—kv5r, owner

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