WordPress on IIS

WordPress on Windows Server!

Imagine that! My web host just upgraded to Server 2008R2, and with it, PHP support. It's so new that they have no instructions about how to use it, but after a few hours of searching and reading, I decided to just try it and see if it would work. I made an MS-SQL database on the server, then uploaded WordPress and the Database Abstraction plug-in, and voilà! it installed and worked on the first try! URL rewrite even works, with no fiddling!

So, why didn't I just move to a Linux/Apache server? Well, because I've been on a Windows server for years and have around 450 pages that end in .asp—and they get around 5,000 hits a day…

Er, Make that WordPress on a Linux VPS!

The migration that I should have done years ago has started… Once I get caught up with all this server admin stuff, I’ll start posting about the fun of being your own web-server admin.

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