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This site is both a blog and a CMS, so it has both posts and pages. The side menu (Site Hierarchy) expands to reveal more pages when you select a page with sub-pages.

This is state-of-the-art HTML-5/CSS-3 site with an adaptive layout for both desktop and mobile devices.


It’s all about super-clean HTML4/5 and CSS2/3 coding, web site development, DIY audio-video projects, Amateur Microscopy, Amateur Radio, Computers, money-saving homemade projects, artisan breads, homemade soap, and sundry other things. I am currently expanding it with fresh articles, useful content, and more books. On the menu, you’ll find links leading to…

  • My articles—see below. The longer ones are now broken down into several pages.
  • Classic Books! I’ve spent several months converting classic Christian books on reformation history and theology to modern HTML5 and CSS formatting. The layout and formatting is designed for easy online reading. Have a look at the Reading Room.
  • Now on YouTube! Please see and subscribe to my channel, Waggin1. Videos include equipment reviews, DIY camera stabilizers, DIY video lighting, homemade bread and soap, Christian music, and more.

How-to Articles Galore

Amateur Microscopy (NEW for 2014)

The wonderful world of amateur microscopy. KV5R has pulled it together in one nice series of articles. Starting from the beginning, he covers microscope basics, purchasing a microscope and supplies for the home/hobby microscopy lab, then gets into the more advanced areas like slide preparation and photomicrography.

On Cameras, Video, Audio

How to post-process your audio voice tracks like a pro, for free. Batch-process the audio in your home videos. Make your cheapo mic sound like a studio mic! How to make your own homemade steadicam and shoot video like the pros! It isn’t magic—it’s all about balance and isolating your hand from your camera. Join me as I make gadgets for $30 that normally cost $800 and take the shake out of your videos. How to mount accessories to a camera or camcorder that doesn’t have threads. Reviews of a low-cost camcorder and lens accessories. How to build your own low-cost video lights. Several low-cost, DIY ideas to choose from with halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED video lighting solutions.

On Computers

How to install a solid-state drive! A 9-page in-depth tutorial on solid-state drives, cloning, and fresh Windows 7 installs. How to deep-clean your keyboard. Also, a review of the CM-Storm Quickfire tenkeyless Cherry mechanical keyboard. How to clean up XP, set up a LAN, and fix blinking tooltips. Why you should start using a standards-compliant web browser.

On Web Design and Development.

Break the mold of millions of cluttered, confusing, hyperactive, over-complicated web sites. Tongue-in-cheek articles with surprising facts, helpful tips, and curmudgeonly commentary. Learn more about web writing and typography. Discover the power of CSS. Throw out the wysiwyg and learn to hand-code. Find out why XHTML is useless.

On Amateur Radio

Mod your 706. Build antennas and electronic projects. Study for a license. Learn about emergency communications. And more! It’s all about having more fun with ham radio.

On Homemade Bread

Jump into the fun and delicious hobby of artisan breads. See how my first-ever handmade bread turned out!

On Soap Making

Make your own soap, just the way you want it. Starting from the beginner’s perspective, it introduces the reader to the useful skill and fun hobby of soaping. Lots of photos and helpful hints.

Come on in!

I hope you’ll find something valuable, something useful here. Feel free to look around!


KV5R is dedicated to learning new things and sharing them with others. When he takes an interest in a new challenge, he researches it and, along the way, writes articles about it. Once a subject is mastered to a satisfactory degree, he moves on to the next challenge. This means that he writes articles from a beginner's perspective, then carries the reader through the learning process.

Current interests include:

  • Amateur Microscopy, microbiology, etc.
  • Building and managing an Ubuntu GNU/Linux server
  • Starting a blog (this one) for his main web site
  • Web software development, web writing
  • High-definition digital video editing and audio post-processing
  • Home-built camera and video accessories
  • Producing YouTube videos (channel: waggin1)
  • Smooth jazz
  • Good ol' homemade bread and cookin'
  • Cold-process saponification (soap-making)
  • etcetera.

Heavy into PCs since 1989, and on the web since 1993, he currently maintains 11 web sites, 7 for clients and 4 for self and friends.

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