6. Three-Oil Soap Video

Watch it being made!

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  • Design a soap with high-cleansing, creamy lather, and moderate conditioning properties.
  • Make a video of the whole process, for those who learn best by watching.

Soap Recipe Designer Spreadsheet

Screen shot of soaping spreadsheet
See full-size PDF Spreadsheet

The plan was to push the cleansing way up using by more coconut oil, while getting reasonable conditioning and creamy lather. Although the conditioning and lather look pretty low on the chart, I’ve found this is the best soap I have ever made.

The Video

Note that the video is edited for time—it actually took about 45 minutes to do, including clean-up. The video runs just under 15 minutes, including 2½ minutes of introduction.


I let it cure on the rack for six weeks, then started using it. It’s the best soap I’ve ever made! Strong on cleansing, but not harsh; great creamy lather; and good conditioning. Doesn’t dry the skin or itch.

Concluding Thoughts

So there’s my sixth batch, and my first soap video. What did I learn?

  • It’s not easy to make soap and a video at the same time! The commentary was unscripted, and I made a few boo-boos with camera angles, etc.
  • Using nearly equal amounts of coconut, olive, and palm oils makes an excellent soap. It’s a real pleasure to use!

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

So until the next batch, good soaping!KV5R

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