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The Best Digital Modes Freeware

Great new FREEware (makes many other programs obsolete/redundant):

MMSSTV, MMANA (antenna analyzer), MMTTY (rtty engine used in HamScope, et. al.), DSP Filter (a cool PC-based DSP audio filter). .

Drawbacks: MMSSTV None. I have heard users on 14.230 say they like MMSSTV better than the $120 ChromaPix.
MMANA: Nice antenna design program — except is all metric. These MM’s are from Japan.
DSPFilter: Fun toy, not real useful to me.

HamScope — no, not an oscilloscope — a most-in-one HF-Digital-Soundcard program:

  • PSK31 (BPSK and QPSK, see  PSK31 Home Page )
  • RTTY (HamScope uses Makoto Mori’s MMTTY Engine)
  • ASCII (both 7 bit and 8 bit protocols using MMTTY)
  • MFSK16 (see MFSK16 Home Page )
  • PACKET (HamScope uses George Rossopoulos’ AGWPE Engine)
  • Sends CW and receives CW — and does a pretty darn good job
  • Copies two signals (in the audio passband) simultaneously!
  • Has multiple spectral displays — not just waterfall!

Drawbacks: HamScope still doesn’t support logging to Logger like all Nino’s programs do. Doesn’t do Hellschreiber.
CW paddles not supported as in CWType.


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  1. To whom it may concern I live in a small apartment cannot do an outside antenna . Currently I use gqrx sdr with a fub cube dongle my antenna is a radio shack scanner antenna with about 28 feet of speaker wire attached in an L pattern so far it works well pretty good . I have used a long wire made from metal slinkies in my attic connected to a Grudig G5 radio via the antenna plug . The results were not spectacular so I bought a long time ago an MJF 1020 active antenna it blew the slinky antenna away in performance so I got to thinking what if I connected the slinky to the active antenna what would happen well it was pretty awesome but then i realized my radio was not sensitive enough and I had a pretty good antenna set up . So i got bored as usual and stopped using my radio set up 3-5 years ago . Well one night I got the bug and set up my radio set up again only this time Im using a GQRX sdr and a scanner antenna with 28 feet of wire in a L shape and this set up smokes the slinky active G5 Grundig set up i literally get stations I never dreamed of getting on the Grundig . So this brings me to my point what if I were to build some sort of indoor antenna for the apartment put the MJF 1020 active antenna on it and use that I wonder if a measured tuned antenna set up with the active antenna box on it would get deep stations that bleed out in the muck when doing routine DX’ing I love the experimental situation I’m in I have a pretty good sdr set up but i notice s I change the antenna set up on my meters i gain 2-10 db each modification I make so i figured more metal the better so i wrapped the radio shack scanner antenna in aluminum foil and got 1-3 db more . I think I need some sort of way to incorporate the slinkies around the ceiling of my room and then connect the slinky to the active antenna box then to the Fun Cube dongle to get max performance in what im trying to achieve . There is no way to do an outside antenna its just not possible so what do you think of my design ideas . I know you can buy antenna but after all what fun would that be ?? Be well have a great day and thank you any advice you can offer me sincerely Mike Remillard What would your suggestion be for an antenna for indoor use that gets max gains as well as signal dtrength . What do you knopw about indoor anttenas and what would you suggets . right now i am focused on MW and 3-7mhz durring the night and 13-17 mhz durring the day so im all aver the place . irelize some wire length work better at some Meters but the scanner atenna alone which is made for VHF /UHF does a pretty good job on its own any thing is better its all up from here . I think I have a solid radio set up now to get a solid anteena as well and pull radios out of the muck thanks Mike

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