DC Buss Box

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buss box for all your 12-volt goodies

Like so many other things in ham radio, you can spend $50-$100 for it, or make it yourself for less than $10. This DC buss distribution box uses two sets of 30-amp banana jacks, and four sets of 15-amp banana jacks.

The feed wire is #10 stranded, soldered between the 30-amp jacks. The buss wire is #14. The box is from
an old laptop computer power supply. It has a steel body and a plastic top - perfect for this application.

Ain’t tat PURDY?!

One thought on “DC Buss Box
  1. Hello ? 0n your receiver s meter why not try small swiching
    2 diodes across smeter in opisite directions? I have opisite directions
    on 1kw diodes 0n the 3kw volt meter to protect the meter rf wise.
    Just an idea for your s meter? Thanks For any responce Jerry W6BL
    tacoma , wa

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