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The Official Download Page for the KV5R Reformat of the ARRL NTS Methods and Practices Guidelines

© 2002-2011 by Harold Melton, KV5R. All Rights Reserved.

A Word-2k Doc in a Self-Extracting Archive - also in PDF


The NTS-MPG, aka Appendix B of the ARRL Public Service Communications Manual (PSCM), is available on the ARRL web site as a collection of Word-97 and Adobe PDF files. The whole thing prints out to around 450 pages…

I decided to use my skills in Desktop Publishing and Technical Writing to combine the files into one, then perform a complete reformatting of the document. This reformat, and any subsequent reformats of the NTS-MPG, remain the property of the American Radio Relay League. The text of the document remains essentially unchanged.

This newly-formatted version is designed to print on 186 pages, duplex (two-sided), using a mere 93 sheets, and producing a clean document of manageable size. It is intended for use by Net Managers, Net Control Stations, and traffic handlers in the NTS and independent traffic nets. This is the “Bible” of emergency traffic net control.


The file is zipped in a self-extracting archive. The uncompressed file is over 3 megs, but the zip (exe) file is only about 564k. Download the archive file and then run it. The Win-Zip Self-Extractor will default to \My Documents\. You can change that if desired. Then click Unzip.

Usability Issues

Unfortunately, every installation of Word, and your printer, are different. The document is formatted to print on HP DeskJet printers. When you open the document, check to see if it contains 186 pages. If more, then look through it carefully to see what your installation caused to spill over onto extra pages, before committing to a big print job.


Contact the author, W3YVQ (et arrl.net), relating to the content.

The Download

NTS-MPG-R1.exe - 564kB - Self-Extracting Archive - Word Doc

Also availabe in PDF: NTS-MPG-R1.pdf - 1436 kB.

Link Permission: Please link to this page, not the exe or pdf files.

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