Bread Terms

Terminology and definitions for bread types, bread ingredients, bread making and baking.

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Learning anything is best started by learning the terms, as this makes all subsequent study and discussion much more beneficial. Don’t waste time reading bread books and articles until you know the terms!


These definitions are derived from, and checked against, various web sources. I am not a bread expert, and cannot guarantee accuracy. Many of the terms vary considerably over both region and time. Terms relating to the look, feel, and consistency of dough and baked bread are best learned by experience. Also, many terms are more or less synonymous, being derived from various languages and traditions. Since this is an American English web site, the terms here are those commonly used by same, though many are of French and Italian origin. If you can correct or improve any of these, with authoritative sources, please let me know and we can make this the best bread glossary on the web.


  1. Introduction (this page)
  2. Bread Types and Shapes
  3. Flours and Grains
  4. Leaveners and Leavening
  5. Other Ingredients
  6. Dough Types, Procedures, and Properties
  7. Baking and Finished Characteristics
  8. Breadmaking Tools and Appliances

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