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This section is a little collection of things I’ve learned while running Windows XP-Pro and Windows 7. Every new task is an opportunity to spend way too many hours searching the web and digging out reasonable, useable solutions, then refining and adapting them to the need.

Here are some things I didn’t find much useful info about on-line, so I wrote my own articles about them:

  • hOW tO fIX yOUR cAPS-lOCK kEY (in W7)
  • how to migrate your OS to a solid-state drive (SSD)
  • how to fix certain problems in Google Chrome
  • text and video review of the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Keyboard
  • cleaning keyboards and fixing key bounce
  • junky web browsers and why you need a good one
  • backing up and removing windows xp junk files
  • setting up a home lan, the easy way
  • fixing that stupid I-beam cursor and its blinking tooltips (in XP)
  • fix Thunderbird to ‘Paste Without Formatting’ by default
  • and more to come…

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