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The Best Digital Modes Freeware

Great new FREEware (makes many other programs obsolete/redundant):

MMSSTV, MMANA (antenna analyzer), MMTTY (rtty engine used in HamScope, et. al.), DSP Filter (a cool PC-based DSP audio filter). .

Drawbacks: MMSSTV None. I have heard users on 14.230 say they like MMSSTV better than the $120 ChromaPix.
MMANA: Nice antenna design program — except is all metric. These MM’s are from Japan.
DSPFilter: Fun toy, not real useful to me.

HamScope — no, not an oscilloscope — a most-in-one HF-Digital-Soundcard program:

  • PSK31 (BPSK and QPSK, see  PSK31 Home Page )
  • RTTY (HamScope uses Makoto Mori’s MMTTY Engine)
  • ASCII (both 7 bit and 8 bit protocols using MMTTY)
  • MFSK16 (see MFSK16 Home Page )
  • PACKET (HamScope uses George Rossopoulos’ AGWPE Engine)
  • Sends CW and receives CW — and does a pretty darn good job
  • Copies two signals (in the audio passband) simultaneously!
  • Has multiple spectral displays — not just waterfall!

Drawbacks: HamScope still doesn’t support logging to Logger like all Nino’s programs do. Doesn’t do Hellschreiber.
CW paddles not supported as in CWType.


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