Rabbit-Ears Dipole

tunable, foldable, collapsible dipole for VHF/UHF

© 2002-2011 by Harold Melton, KV5R. All Rights Reserved.

This handy and cheap portable dipole can be folded and backpacked, carried in use, and adjusted to a very wide range of frequencies.

Note: This is a low power antenna, meant to be used close the body at 5 watts or less. Also, rabbit-ears antennas are not designed to get wet, and the internals will corrode easily.

Let’s go from about minus-12dbi duck to plus-2.2dbi dipole antenna. This one was easily made from spare Sony TV rabbit-ears. First, remove the twin-lead and replace it with RG-174 or -58. Add the appropriate H-T radio connector. Use a permanent marker to mark the rabbit-ear elements at 19-inches extension. Mark the end of the element with red that is connected to the center of the coax, so you can put it “up.” Use 1/2-inch CPVC to make an “L” shape to hold the antenna.

Carry along a pocket tape measure and calculator and you’ll be ready for any f/468 ops!

The basic design idea…

The antenna can easily be folded for storage or packing

You can stick it down the back of your shirt

—73, de KV5R

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