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Here’s a little collection of things I’ve learned while designing and developing web sites. Every new task is an opportunity to spend way too many hours searching the web and digging out reasonable, useable solutions, then refining and adapting them to the need. Please visit these pages for simple, straightforward answers—and perhaps a chuckle or two along the way.

  • A heads-up for aspiring web devs: ask the right questions first!
  • Proper workspace lighting to white-balance the brain
  • Writing tips: avoid the most common errors
  • Proper HTML: in with Strict and CSS, out with transitional
  • XHTML: Useless?
  • Using the proper doctype
  • Web-safe colors and fonts: deprecated
  • The New Font-Family list: forget Times and Helvetica
  • The proper use of CSS-controlled, strict, stacked layout tables
  • Several CSS tips and tricks
  • Migrating your Access databases to the new format
  • …and more, as they grow, mature, and ripen.
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