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Ah, the li’l 706: What can I say? I like it! It performs like big radio, but it’s small. It sounds good, and it’s well made. You can add the remote kit and put the control head and the radio box where ever you want them. They are reasonably easy to expand, calibrate, and connect to a computer.

This series of articles is a handy compilation of most of the mods and stuff I have developed or found on the web for the 706MkIIG, plus a chronicle of the little accessory kits that I have built to enhance my enjoyment of the 706.

2011 Notice: These pages have been divided into several pages for easier searching and linking to specific topics. Feel free to link to any and all pages. All KV5R articles are copyrighted and may NOT be reproduced in any other web site, but may be printed for personal and non-profit use, such as Ham clubs and classrooms, provided that links and attributions remain intact. These articles contains several schematics and kits designed by others. They are fully attributed and I make no claims upon them.

Disclaimer: The author assumes absolutely no responsibility, under any circumstances, for what the reader may do with this information. Building and connecting circuits, and performing adjustments or modifications, may damage your radio, void your warranty, and/or cause it to operate in violation of FCC rules and Type Acceptance, etc, unless you are very careful.



3 thoughts on “Icom 706MkIIG
  1. I have the icom 706mk2 and will be using it on 2 meters as my base at the qth. wondering if you could e-mail me a easy step by step of setting up this radio for 2 meters. off set, plls tones, split, memory, scan, ect. i got it to trans. and worked one of our local repeters with a good report. just wondering? tom, kf4csu

  2. Hi!
    I had a bad accident with my ICOM 70MK2G and both potentiometers from front panel need to be replaced! How to get them? On e-Bay I found other things! Pse help!

    • You need to either disassemble the front panel and get the part numbers off the pots, or from the 706mkiig service manual (free online), then contact an Icom service center. But Icom parts are expensive so first try to find OEM equivalents from mouser or some other big parts supplier.

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